Sea Beach Line Renewal of 3 Stations

The project involves renewal of 3 NYCT train station platforms and associated tracks and staircases to the stations. JPCL has been retained to provide inspections and material testing services such as soil compaction testing, proctor determination, concrete field and lab testing, pre-cast concrete panel inspections at the plant, grout, mortar, masonry and concrete batch plant monitoring.

JPCL also performed structural steel welding and bolting inspections, SFRM and non-destructive testing including magnetic particle and ultrasonic testing. JPCL also performed inspection at the steel manufacturing facilities for welding and bolting for steel beams to be embedded in pre-cast concrete slab panels.

JPCL also conducted special testing of concrete bond strength and coefficient of friction testing, Windsor probe and coring operations, destructive testing for steel coupons and steel classification, all inspections were performed in accordance with all applicable code and specifications.