Transportation and Traffic Engineering

Given today’s concern for congestion management, transportation engineers have broadened their focus beyond single occupancy vehicles. JPCL’s engineers are experienced in developing transportation solutions that address the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists and transit through incorporating the priorities of Complete Streets and Context Sensitive Designs. Transportation engineering plays a supporting role during construction. In addition to designing MPT plans, JPCL engineers
are skilled in mitigating temporary losses in capacity.

Through the use of sophisticated travel demand models, JPCL engineers can identify optimal alternatives for detours, construction staging plans and community outreach campaigns.

• Traffic Surveys/ Data Collection & Analysis
• Traffic System Design/Analysis
• Traffic Impact Studies
• Travel Demand Modeling
• Roadway and Intersection Design
• Pavement Design
• Airport Construction

• Parking Design & Studies
• Traffic Signal Design
• Travel Time & Delay Studies
• Evaluation of Transportation Alternatives
• Capacity Analysis & Determination of Level of Service (LOS)

As for traditional traffic engineering, JPCL engineers excel in signalized intersection design, coordinated signal optimization, traffic impact statements, and safety studies and data collection.

Transportation Planning

  • Traffic impact studies
  • Shared Parking assessments
  • Safety studies
  • Bicycle and pedestrian mobility studies
  • Travel demand modeling
  • Corridor studies
  • Control delay studies

Traffic Engineering

  • Traffic signal timing
  • ADA compliance
  • Coordinated signal optimization
  • Intersection improvements

Data Collection

  • Field verification of traffic elements
  • Traffic counts – ATR, manual and video
  • Travel time studies