Rail & Mass Transit


East Side Access is one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects currently underway in the United States with a history that reaches back to the 1950’s when discussions were first held regarding regional transportation planning. The project encompasses work in multiple locations in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx and includes more than 11 miles of tunneling. When completed, East Side Access will serve approximately 162,000 customers a day, providing a faster and easier commute from Long Island and Queens to the east side of Manhattan in a new 8-track terminal and concourse below Grand Central Terminal.

JPCL has been retained to provide special inspections and material testing services including soil, concrete, masonry, non-destructive testing, steel welding and bolting. JPCL has been managing a crew of over a dozen inspectors providing supervision and management of daily inspection activities, reviewing daily inspection reports and uploading those reports to MTA’s server. In addition, JPCL maintains oversight of non-conforming items and ensures timely closure of NCR’s once remedial work has been completed.


The Canarsie Tunnel is a major under-river transit connection linking the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan in the City of New York via the busy Subway L – line. This project includes post-superstorm Sandy rehabilitation of the Canarsie Tunnel, and core capacity improvements to the First Avenue Station and Bedford Avenue Station.

JPCL has been retained as the primary sub-consultant to provide special inspections and material testing services including rebar, concrete, masonry, structural steel welding and bolting and soil compaction.


As part of a long term renovation process, American Airlines was repairing ramp access to several gates at LaGuardia Airport. The construction on this job was performed with extreme precision as per PANYNJ specifications.

JPCL was retained to provide QA/QC services for the repair and upgrades of over fifteen medium and large gateway access ramps on Concourse D and C. The work included soil compaction, rebar and concrete placement, asphalt paving and coring inspections. JPCL also provided materials testing for concrete and asphalt. In addition to these services, JPCL also assisted the general contractor in the evaluation of excavated soil for possiblereuse. This task involved boring and chemical analysis of contaminated soil samples.