NOMURA, a leading financial services group in New York has built a building of 800,000 square foot office space on 8th Ave., New York, NY. This project involved
the interior renovation works on different floors of the building including structural modifications to the building frame, new slab openings or floor constructions,
modification works on different floors, removal and installation of interior nonbearing partitions & related finishes as well as work on exterior screen (louver) wall. In addition to that, miscellaneous modifications on different floors including sprinkler & standpipe system modifications, modifications/additions to existing fire alarm system, pre action fire alarm system, modification to existing HVAC system & installation of plumbing fixtures. Total estimated construction cost for this project was in the range of $150 million to $200 million.

JPCL Engineering provided special inspections and related project management and on-site supervision during the construction phase to ensure a timely and under
budget completion of the project.

In addition, JPCL prepared and reviewed reports, punch lists and other construction
documents. The project is completed on time and within budget.