Owner: New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC)

Installation of Watermains in Various Locations of Queens and Bronx, NY

Scope of Work
Community Construction Liaison │Construction Inspections

Project Description:

As part of the Queens and Bronx borough-wide annual contract for improvements to domestic water service and fire protection water service, these projects addressed water mains, their distribution network and the impact of construction to other nearby utilities.  Projects addressed highway and street construction, water main work for residential, commercial, and industrial domestic and fire protection services, sanitary and storm sewers, fire hydrant relocation and installation, storm drainage systems, catch basins, and site work.

JPCL was retained to provide a dedicated Community Construction Liaison to help the resident engineer address any community issues and concerns. This role is part of the NYCDDC’s Community Outreach and Notification initiative. JPCL also provided construction inspections to ensure regulatory compliance.