Owner: New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)

FY 15 – Operations Resurfacing Program, NJ

Scope of Work

Traffic Survey for ADA Compliance │ Intersection Layout & Design │ Electrical Design and Work Drawings

Project Description:

To meet the ADA compliance requirements for the “Operations Resurfacing Program” JPCL was retained to perform survey and field inspections at several intersections along the corridor. At each intersection, TS Plans were verified as to the location and presence of pedestrian features. Pedestrian push buttons were activated to affirm that they function properly. The location of pedestrian push buttons, crosswalks, and handicap ramps (both horizontal and vertical distances) were evaluated to affirm that they meet the ADA and MUTCD regulations.  For non-compliant installations, alternatives were recommended to mitigate the existing conditions.

In addition, scope of electrical work was determined by reviewing civil design work using Google Earth.  Electrical CADD drawings were prepared using Microstation. JPCL analyzed as-built drawings to perform intersection design based on new proposed traffic approaches. Work involved removal of existing pedestrians push buttons from existing structure and providing new push button design on new structure post and connecting them to the existing traffic control cabinet