Owner: Town of Babylon, Suffolk County

East Farmingdale Downtown Redevelopment Project, Long Island, NY

Scope of Work

Traffic Data Collection │ Traffic Impact Study

Project Description:

The transportation study for this Transit Oriented Development (TOD) was carried out as part of a DGEIS for the Town of Babylon. The purpose of the traffic study was to assist the town to comply with the requirements of New York Environmental Planning Review Act (“SEQRA”) and Town of Babylon Environmental Review Act (“TOBEQRA”) to facilitate rezoning and redevelopment of the East Farmingdale Downtown Center in the unincorporated hamlet of East Farmingdale within the town.

The traffic study comprised of Route 110 corridor, specifically the intersection of Route 110 with Conklin Street and surrounding area bounded by Picone Blvd/Price Parkway to the North, Wellwood Avenue to the East, Airport Plaza Boulevard to the South, and Route 110 to the West.

JPCL collected traffic data using ATRs and Miovision cameras at intersections; created a balanced network, and performed traffic analysis using SYNCHRO for existing, no-build, and two build scenarios in addition to qualitative assessment of transit facilities.