Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D Modeling and Coordination

Bahria Town Karachi is a privately-owned gated community which is currently under-construction in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan by the Bahria Town Group. The
community will include the country’s largest cricket stadium designed by GMP International Architects. The architectural drawings indicate that the cricket stadium
will be surrounded by parking areas, practice fields, and other stadium related appurtenances. The seating areas are bleacher-type and will be constructed of
precast concrete. There is a concourse area and interior occupancies including VIP boxes, water closets, offices, and studios etc. which will be located behind the
bleachers and several staircases which will be constructed in precast concrete also. The roof and façade will consist of a fabric material supported by a steel main frame and aluminum sub-frames. The steel frame will be structurally independent from the concrete structure. Also, the aluminum sub-frames will be a performance-based design performed by the manufacturer of the product. The stadium will be supported on deep foundations. The original design of the stadium has been modified from a three-tier stadium to two-tier stadium with a simplified roof structure in the final design.

JPCL Engineering is contracted to work on developing and coordinating the Building Information Model (BIM) for precast concrete in accordance with the AIA E203-2013, Level 400 model guidelines.

The model will be made available to the construction team as part of the MEP/Civil coordination purposes. BIM Glue/Navisworks will be used for clash detection.