Owner: New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT)

Brooklyn Bridge Waterproof Concrete Design Mix Development and Testing, Brooklyn, NY

Scope of Work
High Performance Concrete Mix Design and Testing

Project Description:

JPCL performed a review of the initial HP mix design requirements for water-proof concrete; developed and submitted the mix design; and performed trial batching for the approved HP Mix Design with and without the waterproofing compound.

The tests performed for Waterproof Concrete included Permeability Tests as per CRD-C48-92 (US Army Corps of Engineers specifications), Freeze/Thaw Durability Tests (ASTM C666), and Compressive Strength of Concrete 4×8 and 6×12 Cylinders (ASTM C39). In addition, Water Potability Test (NSF 61) was performed to check the harmful effects of water exposed to Waterproof Concrete.