Owner: New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)

Adaptive Traffic Control System Final Design, Various Townships, NJ

Scope of Work

Traffic Data Collection │ Balanced Network│ QA/QC

Project Description:

JPCL was retained to perform traffic data collection for the Adaptive Traffic System Final Design Projects on several corridors in New Jersey. The work was performed as per NJDOT Transportation Systems Management (TSM) procedures and Standards Manual. The data included ATRs, classified turning movement counts using Miovision cameras, queue lengths, speed and travel time runs on major arterials including Route 18, Route 38, Route 73, Route 23, Route 440/1T Corridor, Route 50, Route 29, and Route 295. JPCL utilized the floating car technique using Tru-Traffic software to perform speed and travel time runs along these corridors. In addition, similar services were performed on NJ 24, 28, 35, and 63 corridors in North Jersey as part of this program.