Owner: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ)

2018 Biennial Inspection of JFK Airport Terminal Ramps, Jamaica, NY

Scope of Work
Biennial Inspections

Project Description:

As part of routine biennial inspection of terminal ramps at JFK International Airport, JPCL performed inspection of 19 Bridges including 12 roadway bridges directed into various terminals, 2 pedestrian bridges, 5 connecting bridges (roadway and canopy) and 1 independent canopy structure. The lengths of bridges ranged from 147’-3463’. The field work included a thorough visual inspection of all structural and related elements with 100% hands-on inspection in accordance with National Bridge Inspection Standards and Federal Highway Administration standards. The underside of the deck and fascia were sounded randomly for hollowness. All non-structural elements including fences, railings, utilities, and more were inspected for deficiencies that could pose a safety hazard to the public.  About 205 sign structures, light poles, sidewalks, and rail posts were also visually inspected. The inspection reports were prepared as per PANYNJ requirements with condition rating as per NBIS and AASHTO Regulations.