JPCL has expanded its client base to serve both public agencies and authorities, and private entities throughout New York and New Jersey. Our experience encompasses infrastructure development projects – rail and mass transit, tunnels, bridges, and roads/highways; building and facilities projects – commercial, retail, housing, education and healthcare; and wastewater facilities projects.

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With a team of over a dozen engineers and inspectors JPCL performed special inspection and material testing services for soil, concrete, and masonry.

Tunnel Ventilation System Rehabilitation and Fixed Fire Suppression System Prototype Quality Control, Documentation, Compliance and Reporting.

JPCL was retained to provide construction inspection services including structural steel welding, non-destructive testing (NDT) and coating inspections.

QA/QC services during the production of the precast/prestressed reinforced concrete components consisting of beams and slabs for the single span bridge.

JPCL was retained to provide survey, vibration, and settlement monitoring services for this project

JPCL Engineering worked with JP Morgan Chase as a special construction inspection agency and provided construction management service

Provided special inspections and related project management and on-site supervision during the construction phase

Extensive data collection services to determine Westbound and some Eastbound volumes and classification counts at multiple Port Authority facilities

Provided Soil Contaminant Sampling and Analyses, Soil Compaction Testing, and Lab Testing for Proctor Density and Soil Classification

Provided a dedicated Community Construction Liaison to help the resident engineer address any community issues and concerns

Asphalt Inspection & Coring on several locations including Rust Street & 56th Road, Johnson Avenue Station, Saint Nicholas Avenue and Troutman Street for laboratory testing

JPCL, as a consultant, is providing various procurement, quality assurance, technical and inspections related services to the CM/agency.

Special inspection and material testing services including soil compaction, piles, rebar, concrete, masonry, firestopping, structural steel welding and bolting.

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