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NJDOT: Arterial Management Center (AMC) Staffing

JPCL has been retained as a sub-consultant to provide traffic monitoring for statewide traffic signal systems at NJDOT’s Arterial Management Center (AMC) in Trenton NJ.  JPCL traffic supervisors and operators perform daily monitoring of the arterials in the adoptive traffic signal system and prepare operational reports for any abnormal traffic signal performance.  The duties performed in the AMC are summarized in the following:

1. Monitor  incidents such as accidents, disabled vehicles on roadways, scheduled construction through NJDOT’s CCTV cameras, 511NJ, RITIS,  and Google Maps. 

2. Develop and report daily issues related to traffic signals and communication problems, such as loss of communication, intermittent communication, flashing yellows, image detector and mid-block detector issues.

3. Attend bi-weekly meeting with NJDOT staff and other consultant team to discuss issues/needs for the AMC and provide updates and progress on the latest AMC operations.

4. Submit workorders to NJDOT Office of Information Technology (OIT) and maintenance group for repair.

5. Determine the cause of recurring congestion at different segments of roadways based on monitor and analyzing existing timing directives, offset settings, travel time with customized data visualization and analytics and make recommendations for signal improvements.

6. Analyze system wide signal performance with state-of-the-art automation routines and provide insight to optimize signal performance.

7. Collect and analyze historical data from third-party websites such as RITIS and SPATEL to determine traffic trends and monitor the impact of signal improvements. 

8. Prepare weekly reports to capture overall traffic signal operational condition, ITS readiness condition and submit them to the concerning stakeholders.