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Civil Engineer

New York


JPCL is a fast-growing firm that works with clients across the United States. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience that prioritize competence, discipline, and responsiveness in everything we do.We’re always looking for talented and driven individuals to join us in producing high-quality work for our clients and be a part of our growing team.

About the job

JPCL Engineering is actively seeking a full-time Civil Engineer. Job location: Hillsborough, NJ. Send resume with code MOF001 to HR, JPCL Engineering, 2 Clerico Lane, Hillsborough, NJ 08844.


Perform on-site engineering in construction projects involving concrete, masonry, and soil inspections; Conduct site visits, prepare engineering reports, and develop project proposals using CPM/PERT/LOB, Infrastructure Asset Management, Sustainable Construction; Ensure work is being performed in accordance with approved engineering drawings, specifications, and all applicable codes & standards and Design-build Project Delivery; Provide civil engineering and construction engineering technical advice to resolve emerging construction problems/deficiencies; Analyze and assess engineering blueprints and structural and shop drawings for inspection; Perform and coordinate NYS and NYC code required special inspections including Structural Inspections; Perform inspection of concrete and materials to ascertain efficacy using ACI-I/OSHA, AutoCAD; Prepare project close out documents including final report; Prepare daily field reports, including communication of deficiencies observed in the field to project managers, contractors, and/or client representatives.


Require Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Engineering Management plus skills and knowledge of Sustainable Construction, CPM/PERT/LOB, Design-build Project Delivery, Infrastructure Asset Management, OSHA, AutoCAD.

Job Type Full-time
Last Date 2023-10-31
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